The Story of Us

Fresno Children’s Medical Group, Inc. has been providing the finest in pediatric care for nearly 50 years. We are now a Member of Valley Children's Medical Group. Our beginnings were with Dr. Ed Defoe back in 1963 when he started a medical practice here in Fresno. He decided to go into academic medicine and pursued his degree in public health. (Later, he returned to Fresno, and held the position of Director of Fresno County Public Health). He sold his practice to two young pediatricians who were in pediatric residency at Valley Medical Center (VMC), Drs. Bill Reamer and Jack Scott in the late 1960’s. Dr. Louis Janzen started a pediatric practice at about the same time after training in Los Angeles. Shortly after, Drs. Scott, Reamer and Janzen joined together as Fresno Pediatric Associates.  They opened their practice on East Shields Avenue in 1968, located near the old Valley Children’s Hospital.

In 1973, Dr. Maurice Gillespie joined the group after completing his residency at VMC.  He replaced Dr. Scott who left to devote his full time attention to the development of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Valley Children’s Hospital. A year later Dr. Reamer passed away, and Dr. James P. Flanagan (retired in 2010) joined after completing his residency at VMC. In 1978, the group changed its name to Fresno Children’s Medical Group, Inc. 

Since then, many physicians have joined our group. They include Janet Rowe, MD (1978-1982), Wilfred Derksen, MD (1980-1983), Carmen DelaRosa, MD (1982-2006), David Bergdahl, MD (1983-present), Linda Fraley, MD (1989-2009), John Kim, MD (1997-2017), Cesar Vazquez, MD (2001-2015), Lucia Mireles-Chavez, MD (2003-2013), Cecilia Moreno, MD (2006-2013), Mary Gonzalez-Howard, MD (2015-2016), Jean Russell, MD (2016-present) and Stephanie Altamura, DO (2016-present).

In 1992, we moved to our current location to meet the needs of our patients and the growing Fresno area. We have since extended our professional staff to include several outstanding Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Our current Pediatric Nurse Practitioner is Natasha Jno-Baptiste, PNP.

We thank you for choosing Fresno Children’s Medical Group and look forward to sharing in the health and well-being of your child.