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The HEAT is upon us and it is important to consider the health problems that can occur in the heat.  Exercise-related heat illness (ERHI) happens when exercise is done in high temperatures. It can be prevented with proper attention to safety and common sense.  Exercising muscles create 10 to 20 times more heat than resting muscles and sweating is the main way the body gets rid of excess heat.  If the body is unable to get rid of excessive heat, the body temperature will rise, resulting in heat illness.

Signs of heat exhaustion include painful muscle contractions or cramps, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting, and flushed, moist skin.  Signs of heat stroke which is life-threatening are body temperatures greater than 104°F, confusion, combativeness, seizures and/or stroke, shock, coma (unresponsive), and/or heart failure/cardiac arrest.

Emergency on-site treatment should include cooling the body and replacing fluids (cool water or an appropriate sports drink). Information adapted from: .


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